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Energy and our world

Who will be excited here?

Everyone who need electricity and heating. Is it possible to live without these two things? How it works and how it can get to your home? You will find the answers for these and other questions about electricity and heating in this exposition.

What you can look forward to?

You can look forward to our energy house, where you will see common house appliances and equipment. You can also see the distribution of electricity, heat and water inside the house.

You will also find out with EG.D company, how the electricity gets from the power plant to the electrical socket.

Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy – these are the kinds of sources of energy. How large reserve of each source exists and which advantages and disadvantages they have from an economic and ecological perspective? And how the photosynthesis works? The answers are ready for you!

The part of this exposition is exposition “The path of electricity from the source to the electrical socket”, which was made in cooperation with EG.D company.

Tip for you!

Come to see our new exposition “The path of electricity” made in cooperation with EG.D company.